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Stand Out from the Competition

How are you using new media to market your green products to the world?

Business is changing. People are probably telling you that you should be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

New media can put your company in front of bigger, more targeted audiences. Gone are the days when a radio jingle and full-page ad would give you all the exposure you needed. Now, your customers are using the internet to rate your products and read the reviews of others – both glowing and otherwise – before making their purchasing decisions.

But crafting your online presence can also be overwhelming, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in a sea of tweets, blogs, and posts. So how do you set yourself apart?

How we can help you stand out from the competition:
Your low-carbon project makes for a great story to tell. You’re ready to compete, by taking steps to thrive today instead of paying the price to play catch-up tomorrow. We can find the best channels to share your message and reach the widest possible audience. By understanding your target market, where they get information, and how sustainability initiatives factor into their decisions, we will design and deliver a project that stands out from the buzz.

Still have questions? We can help.

Project Profile

HubTalks on climate change

After returning from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, we led a panel discussion in partnership with the Hub Halifax and the Nova Scotia c@p program. The event was live-streamed, reaching audiences throughout the province. A twitter hashtag, a searchable keyword, was created, and a twitter feed featuring comments and questions was projected onto the venue wall, creating a unique feature to engage the audience.