Find out how our clients are managing carbon to:

Save Money

Do you know how much you spend on energy every day?

Measuring carbon helps cut your wasted energy and your costs. It’s as simple as that.

In a nutshell, your carbon inventory, or carbon footprint, is an expanded energy inventory. If you are unsure of how much you’re spending on energy, and how changes in energy costs affect your operations, a carbon inventory can answer these questions.

As a multi-purpose tool to identify energy hotspots around your organization, a carbon inventory can help you identify the most cost-effective means of reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

How we can help you save money:
We work with businesses of all sizes to calculate carbon and energy inventories. Our focus is on transferring expertise to empower your team to understand your energy bills, incorporate efficiency metrics into your record-keeping, and identify low- and no-cost changes to help you cut wasted energy costs today.

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Project Profile

GHG Inventory for Bluewave Energy

Through working with Bluewave Energy (a division of Parkland Industries), Carbon Sense undertook a custom GHG inventory for Canada’s largest fuel distribution company. This engagement provided Bluewave Energy with staff presentations, a detailed report of its greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, and recommendations on data management for future inventories.

Bluewave Energy