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Make Money

Does neglecting a carbon strategy put your market share at risk?

Many people assume that measuring carbon is just an environmental initiative. But businesses are now finding that it’s an essential tool to gain market share, capture premium prices, and even create unique, new revenue streams, like carbon offsets, that are difficult for your competitors to duplicate.

If you’re looking to maximize your market share and create new revenue streams, here’s how we can help:

Environmental certifications
Certifications are becoming an essential means of differentiating yourself from competitors. We will help you navigate the certification’s administration process. More importantly, we can help find other sources of value, such as securing funding to cover certification costs, training your staff in carbon accounting, and communicating your certification initiative to your stakeholders.

Procurement questionnaires
Corporate and public-sector buyers now include prospective suppliers’ carbon and energy metrics in their decision-making. By working with a team of CSA-certified carbon accountants, you can be sure that your responses demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the topic and robust metrics to back up your statements.

Offset feasibility studies
Before investing in a full offset project, a due diligence project will provide you with market intelligence, recommended offset certifications and quality standards, a shortlist of potential buyers, and a cost/revenue model.

Offset documentation and project management
For unique, high-value projects, we offer hands-on experience and networks with various voluntary offset markets. From project design through validation, we manage projects on tight timelines certified to the rigorous quality standards that help you access global markets.

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Project Profile

Offset supply study for Nova Scotia Environment

Carbon Sense led a multi-province project team, working with Ontario’s Delphi Group and British Columbia’s Environ, to assess the potential provincial supply of carbon offsets. Working with the Nova Scotia Climate Change Directorate, the project highlighted opportunities and challenges associated with offset-market development in a small jurisdiction.

NS Government