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Access Incentives

Do you know how to find the right programs to get funding and get noticed?

Since low-carbon projects benefit industry, government, and the community, regional recognition, incentive, and funding programs can accelerate projects and celebrate your achievements.

However, identifying these programs, managing the application process, and ensuring project implementation can be a challenge.

How we can help you access incentives:
As experts in identifying and securing funding for low-carbon projects, Carbon Sense has secured over $3 million for low-carbon and energy-efficiency projects. Regardless of your business size or operations, we will help you reduce the cost of installing new technologies, processes or equipment. If you’re looking for new opportunities or are seeking recognition for your past efforts, we’ll guide you through the process, and help you get noticed.

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Project Profile

CarbonCure Project Funding

Through our work with sister company, CarbonCure Technologies, Carbon Sense successfully managed the GHG calculations, project administration, and applications to the Province's ecoNova Scotia fund for Clean Air and Climate Change. Cumulatively, $600,000 in grant funding was secured to commercialize the low-carbon technology for the precast concrete sector.